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Are there any shipping delays due to the current Pandemic?

Unfortunately, there are some delays in shipping that cannot be easily predicted. That is why we recommend that you plan ahead and allow for added time for the package to reach its final destination. 

What area of Quality are you specialized in?

We recognize the main disconnect in Online Shopping is the lack of reliability from the manufacturers and suppliers of the products. We serve as a platform that works only with suppliers that are willing to work with us to provide durable products that ensure up to date quality inspections, and reliable shipping services. 

Do you physically inspect all of the products on your site?

We develop relationships with qualified suppliers and manufacturers that meet high industrial standards in quality and service. Our relationships with them allow us to ensure quality products and delivery needs are met. We are in the process of advancing our capabilities to include physical inspections to all uncoming products. Sign up to our Newsletter to get all the new Reports!

How can I reach a representative?

In order to reach a representative, please find the conact us page at the bottom of this page. We are available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.  

How can I return my purchase?

Please visit the Refund Policy at the bottom of the page. For more information please contact us using one of the following methods: Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, or by visiting the Contact Us page found at the bottom of the page.

Where can I find my tracking number?

Including your email address and phone number at checkout will send an email or text alert indicating order confirmation and tracking details. If you have other tracking related questions, please visit the Contact Us page at the bottom of this page.

Are you on Social Media?

Of course! Follow us on Facebook @thequalityinspector, Instagram @thequalityinspector and Twitter @thequalitydude. 

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Can the QI inspect a product for me?

We are a platform for businesses of all sizes, and encourage you to reach out to us with your product. For all business inquiries, please visit the Contact Us page and tell us everything we need to know about your product and business.